Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My Gracie is one of the sweetest joys in my life.  She is my child that tells it like it is and has yet to find her filter.  At the same time she is amazingly loving and compassionate.  She loves to swim, dance, and play with the boys.  Just a short 3 months ago Gracie was the baby and she played  the role very well.  I am just amazed how she has matured and is now "the big sister".  Gracie has been keeping us quite busy the last few weeks and we have the pictures to show it. 

Gracie and Addie hanging out.

Gracie's Last Day of Pre-K

Gracie and Mommy at Dance Recital.

And soon there will be Kindergarten......sigh....but for now there is plenty of summer fun.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poke 1999-2011

The BEST friend our kids have ever had.
We miss you terribly....
Mom & Dad